Getting To Know Me

Daughter. Sister. Friend. Lover. I have a lot of titles. My favorite is Beloved, my fiancé’s special name for me. I am also Writer, Dreamer, Musician, Worker, and Klutz. My name, though, is Susan, a recent college graduate and hopeful writer from Mississippi College. I’ve grown up in the Metro-Jackson area of Mississippi and adore where I live, although I wouldn’t mind getting out of the South for a while to see a bit more of the world. We’re pretty sheltered here.

With my fiancé, Pete, I run a freelance graphic design and web development boutique agency called Catalyst Media Solutions. We do fabulous work, if I am allowed to brag for a moment. We don’t have a portfolio added yet, but check out our website or like us on Facebook. He did all the coding by hand while I wrote the copy, just so you know. This blog is a way to chronicle the “sparks” that inspire us, and me particularly as a writer.

Through Catalyst, I work as a copywriter and editor. I’ve rewritten websites, created SEO copy, generated keywords, written advertisements, headlines, taglines, mission statements and a lot more. I’m driven to succeed at what I do, and I hate telling clients “I can’t” so if there is something I’ve never done before, I teach myself and go for it.

As Jackson embarks on a new period of revitalization projects, I’m excited to embark on this new period of my life as a young professional. I want to serve the community that has nurtured me by excelling at what I love doing for them, whether they are a start-up business, an older business in need of a new look and message, or a writer trying to get a leg up in a tough market.

A little about me personally. I’m eclectic. I’ve played the piano and sung since I was four. I love reading classic literature. I took a combat class for four years and taught gymnastics for five. I’ve worked in warehouses, art galleries, offices, and as a writing tutor. I used to dream of opening a fine arts academy for under-privileged children in central Mississippi (that’s still on the list of things I would love to do by the way).

I love kinesiology, physiology, and psychology. And bugs. I used to collect bugs, rocks, and creepy china dolls, and I am absolutely terrible at sports although I love to dance (like a flailing giraffe) and swim. I enjoy midnight adventures to Taco Bell and Waffle House with friends. I can shoot a bow and embroider. I sometimes write poetry in my sleep and write really bad novels with even worse metaphors when I’m awake. I could keep going, but I think you get the picture. In a nutshell, I am me and I am a writer.


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