21 Ways Copywriting Matters for Your Small Business

21 Ways a Copywriter Can Help a Small Business » SEO Copywriting.

I’ve often wondered how to explain the importance of quality copywriting and this article sums it up beautifully. Bravo, Mike Sansone!

One of the most frustrating things for a talented writer anywhere to hear from a client, especially cash-strapped small business owners, is “But I already know how to write. Why should I pay you to do it?” If we are being honest, we could answer that most people don’t know how to write correctly or effectively- and bad content or cringe-worthy writing will have a huge effect on your bottom line.

Sure, you can shoot off an email or mail a letter to a friend, but when it comes to the effects words- both the right and wrong ones- can have on your business, why gamble? A good writer knows the tricks to writing engaging content (which includes more psychology and marketing know-how than you would first imagine), the industry standards good copy must adhere to, and quite frankly how not to be laughed out of the (chat)room for grammar mistakes.


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