Moving Mountains (or just web addresses)

Hey guys! I’m thankful to have such loyal followers and I wanted to let you know what is going on in my life right now. 

In my quest to expand my client list (and pay the bills), I’ve been contacting local agencies and asking if they need help with overflow or backlogged jobs. And much to my chagrin no one was getting back to me and I could not fathom why. Until one lady was kind enough to point it out. And boy, did I feel naive when she explained why her company did not want to work with me. You see, it was because of Catalyst Media Solutions. While my husband and I were using Catalyst more as a front for our freelance work, to outsiders it looked like a rival agency….and that it looked like I was trying to get in with them in order to steal away clients.

Apparently this is a real phenomenon and it makes a whole lot of sense. This business is cut throat I tell you. So, my husband and I agreed to dissolve Catalyst as it exists and rebrand me so hopefully I can get some more work. If you would like to continue following me at my new site I am now at All of my content has been ported over and I would love to see you there! It will still be all me, with a snazzy new look and the same great content. Come meet the Ginger!


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