The Journey Begins

It is hard to know where to start when starting a blog, especially when it is about something as general as writing. This is the second blog I’ve started. Don’t bother looking for the first; it’s long gone. What is in order now is a little explanation about what this blog will be and who I am.


For the first part, this blog is where I will be posting about what I am learning as a professional copywriter and editor working in the tough market of Jackson, MS. The word “Catalyst” in the title comes from the freelance business that my fiancé and I have started together as a boutique design and advertising firm specializing in everything web. Be prepared to hear a little bit of self-promotion, but I will try to tone that part down.

This will also be a place where I can vent about my trials and tribulations as a beginning novelist and sometimes poet. Life is insanely busy, especially as a newlywed with a fledgling business. And writers need lots of time to themselves to think and work. Often, I will talk about random bits of advice from teachers, friends, clients, and other writers that have aided me in growing as a writer. I might offers some advice myself. Or I could simply post an inspirational picture that caused me to pause and reflect. This blog will be a chronicle of what  moves me and teaches me as I self-teach my way into being a published writer and a professional editor and copywriter.

Who I am is very simple. I am an aspiring writer at a transition period in my life. I recently graduated from Mississippi College, am about to be married, and am looking for freelance work while my soon-to-be husband completes graduate school before I pursue an MFA myself. For now, as you’ve already read, I am a copywriter and editor. I am also working on a couple of novels and am seeking to be published. One day, I hope to work as an editor for a publishing company such a Random House or Houghton-Mifflin, and then possible own a bookstore in a quiet little town. Somewhere in there will be a family too, God-willing. That is a lot of things to want to do in one lifetime and I don’t expect that I will get to do them all, but I have to start somewhere, and this blog seems like a good place to me.


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